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First exposures : writings from the beginning of photography / Steffen Siegel, editor.

Format Book and Print
Publication Info Los Angeles : The J. Paul Getty Museum, [2017]
Copyright Notice ©2017
Description448 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Other author/creatorSiegel, Steffen, 1976- editor.
Other author/creatorDerviş, Martina, translator.
Other author/creatorImrie, Malcolm, translator.
Other author/creatorJ. Paul Getty Museum, issuing body.
Uniform titleNeues Licht. English.
Contents By hearsay : Laura Mundy to William Henry Fox Talbot ; (Arsène Houssaye): Diorama: The valley of the Goldau ; Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre to Isidore Niépce ; Eugène Hubert: M. Daguerre, the camera obscura, and the drawings that make themselves ; Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc to Eugène Viollet-le-Duc ; Eugène Viollet-le-Duc to Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc ; Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre, Isidore Niépce: agreement ; Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre to Isidore Niépce ; Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre to Isidore Niépce ; Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre: Daguerréotype ; Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre to Isidore Niépce -- Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre : Henri Gaucheraud: Fine arts the Daguerotype ; Dominique François Arago: Fixing the images produced inside a camera obscura ; Jean-Baptiste Biot: Additional comments ; Vicomte Charles de Launey (Delphine de Girardin): Courrier of Paris ; Anonymous: Daguerre's fixing of images in the camera obscura ; Anonymous (possibly Johann Heinrich Mädler): On Monsieur Daguerre's invention ; Anonymous: Daguerre's invention pertaining to the fixing of the effects of light ; Jules Pelletan: Discovery by M. Daguerre ; Anonymous: Foreign correspondence ; Jules Janin: The Daguerotype ; Anonymous: Self-operating processes of fine art: the Daguerotype ; Alexander von Humboldt to Friederike, Duchess of Anhalt-Dessau ; Anonymous: The Daguerrotype ; Alexander von Humboldt to Carl Gustav Carus ; Johann Carl Leuchs: On the representation of paintings by the light of the camera obscura ; Anonymous: The new art (with a letter by Francis Bauer ; Isidore Niépce to Francis Bauer ; Francis Bauer to Isidore Niépce ; Samuel F.B. Morse: The Daguerrotipe ; Anonymous: The Daguerrotype ; Anonymous: Daguerre's misfortune ; Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre: To the editor -- William Henry Fox Talbot : Anonymous: Our weekly gossip ; Anonymous: The new art (with a letter by William Henry Fox Talbot ; Lady Elisabeth Theresa Fielding to William Henry Fox Talbot ; William Henry Fox Talbot: Some account of the art of photogenic drawing, or the process by which natural objects may be made to delineate themselves without the aid of the artist pencil ; Dominique François Arago: Process by M. Daguerre ; Jean-Baptiste Biot: M. Daguerre's process ; William Henry Fox Talbot to Carl Friedrich Phillipp von Martius ; Dominique François Arago: Fixing the images of the camera obscura ; William Henry Fox Talbot: An account of the processes employed in a photogenic drawing, in a letter to Samuel H. Christie (based on a report delivered ... at the Royal Society London) ; Anonymous: Graphic Society ; J.M. (probably Johann Heinrich Mädler): Comparison of Daguerre's and Talbot's photographic techniques ; Harriet Georgiana Mund to William Henry Fox Talbot ; William Henry Fox Talbot: Photogenic art ; John Frederick William Herschel to William Henry Fox Talbot ; James David Forbes: Two entries from his travel diary ; Anonymous: Report on the visit of British scholars to Paris ; Dominique François Arago, Augustin-Louis Cauchy: Report on the visit of British scholars to Paris -- The debate on photography : [Philipp] Hoffmeister: The new invention from Pairs that creates engravings with rays of sunlight ; K. [Ignaz Paul Keller]: On Daguerre's discovery ; Clericus: M. Daguerre's discovery ; Franz von Kobell, Carl August van Steinheil: Results and samples for von Kobell and Steinheil's collaborative experiments on the fixing of light images ; Anonymous: The first public exhibition of Kobell's and Steinheil's pictures ; Anonymous: On Johann Carl Enslen's photographic experiments ; Désiré Raoul-Rochette: Report on the drawings produced by the photogenic process of Hippolyte Bayard ; Hippolyte Bayard: Photographic process on paper ; Jon Frederick William Herschel: Note on the art of photography, or the application of the chemical rays of light to the purposes of pictorial representation ; Andrew Fyfe: On photography ; Anonymous: New discovery: engraving, and Burnet's cartoons ; Anonymous: Our weekly gossip (with a letter by John Robison) ; John Robison: Notes of Daguerre's photography ; Népomucène Lemercier: On the discovery by the ingenious painter of the diorama ; Private contract between Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre, Isidore Niépce, and Alphonse Giroux ; A letter from an idle merchant.
Contents In parliament and academy : Dominique François Arago: Letter on the discovery by MM. Niépce and Daguerre ; Charles Marie Tanneguy Duchâtel to Dominique-François Arago ; Paul Delaroche: Report on the use and value of the Daguerreotype process from the perspective of the fine arts ; Anonymous: News item about the exhibition of Daguerreotypes in the French Parliament ; [Jules Janin]: M. Daguerre ; John Frederick William Herschel to Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre ; Anonymous: On the Daguerrotype, for the last time before its publication ; Dominique François Arago: The Daguérotype: a preliminary remark ; Jules Janin: Description of the Daguérotype ; Marc Antoine Gaudin: Eyewitness report about August 19, 1839 ; Ludwig Pfau: Eyewitness report on the events of August 19, 1839 ; Isidore Niépce to his mother -- Daguerre's historical and descriptive account : Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre: An historical and descriptive account of the various processes of the Daguerréotype and the diorama, by Daguerre, painter, inventor of the diorama, a Knight of the Legion of Honour, and a member of several academies -- First judgments : Anonymous: On the Daguerrotype ; William Henry Fox Talbot: Remarks on M. Daguerre's photogenic process ; Jules Janin: The Daguérotype: new experience ; Anonymous: Newspaper notice on the exhibition of Daguerreotypes at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna ; Anonymous: Daguerréotype ; William Henry Fox Talbot to John Frederick William Herschel ; John Frederick William Herschel to William Henry Fox Talbot ; Anonymous: Public operation of a Daguerrotype ; Ludwig Schorn, Eduard Kolloff: The Daguerrotype ; Anonymous: Daguerre's light drawings ; Louis Friedrich Sachse to Alphonse Giroux ; Anonymous: On Gropius's and Dörffel's exhibition of Daguerreotypes ; H.K.: On Gropius's exhibition of Daguerreotypes ; Anonymous: On Sachse's exhibition of Daguerreotypes ; Anonymous: Yet another Daguerreotype! ; Anonymous: Sachse's latest light drawings ; Anonymous: Daguereotype: by letter from Hamburg ; [Karl Jacob Vohl]: Daguerre's light drawings ; Anonymous: M. Daguerre's process of engraving ; Anonymous: Practical and legal problems with the distribution of Daguerreotype process in England; with a letter by Daguerre ; Richard: Exhibition of Daguerrotypes in the Imperial Royal University Building ; Anonymous: [Lewis Gaylord Clark?]: The "Daguerreotype" ; Philip Hone: Diary entry ; Anonymous: The Daguerreotype ; Edgar Allan Poe [attributed to]: The Daguerreotype -- Alfred Donné : Alfred Donné: Exposition of the Daguerrotype ; Alfred Donné: The Daguerrotype ; Alfred Donné: On Daguerrotypy ; Alfred Donné: On what happens during the different stages of the operation: letter to M. Arago ; Alfred Donné to Dominique François Arago ; Anonymous: Daguerréotype: reproduction by engraving ; Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre: Photogenic processes considered as means of engraving: letter to M. Arago ; Alfred Donné: Transformation of images formed by the Daguerre process into engraved plates ; Anonymous: On Donné's experiments with the Daguerreotype ; Alfred Donné: A description of my process for engraving photogenic images on silver plates -- Satires : Anonymous: A decree which will stop the reproducers ; Anonymous: A machine always finds larger machines to admire it ; Anonymous: The Daguerréotype ; Anonymous: Two new political parties: The Daguerrotypo[p]iles and the Daguerrotypo[p]hobes ; Anonymous: Report of the Academy of Sciences on the invention of the bird organ, considered in relation to the Daguerrotype ; Anonymous: The Daguerréotype instructors ; Anonymous: The price of a Daguerréotype ; Moritz Gottlieb Saphir: The wandering Daguerreotype ; J ... : Daguerréotypomania -- The future of photography : Lady Elisabeth Theresa Feilding to William Henry Fox Talbot ; William Henry Fox Talbot: to Lady Elisabeth Theresa Feilding ; [Franz] Fitzinger: Daguerre ; Anonymous: Correspondence from Paris: light images ; [Eduard Kolloff]: The Daguerrotype ; Sr.: Daguerre's light drawings ; Joseph Christian Hamel: On Daguerre's heliography and prints of his heliographed plates ; Anonymous: Technical matters (miscellaneous news on the Daguerreotype) ; L.F-r [Leopold Fürstedler]: The Daguerrotype -- Afterword.
Abstract "An exact date for the invention of photography is evasive. Scientists and amateurs alike were working on a variety of photographic processes for much of the early nineteenth century. Thus most historians refer to the year 1839 as the "first" year of photography, not because the sensational new medium was invented then, but because that is the year it was introduced to the world. After more than 175 years, and for the first time in English, First Exposures: Writings from the Beginning of Photography brings together more than 130 primary sources from that very year--1839--subdivided into ten chapters and accompanied by fifty-three images of significant visual and historical importance."--Publisher's description.
Bibliography noteIncludes bibliographical references and index.
LanguageIncludes English translations from works originally in French and German.
Translation ofTranslation of: Neues Licht. Paderborn : Wilhelm Fink, [2014] 9783770557363
LCCN 2016059645
ISBN9781606065242 (paperback)
ISBN1606065246 (paperback)
Standard identifier# 40027443680

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